Learn about one of the timeless historic fixtures in the city.

The Newsome House Museum & Cultural Center Foundation, Inc.


Mr. Victor R. Albea, Chair                                                 victor.albea@hii-nns.com 

Dr. Cynthia O. Pugh, Vice Chair                                     cdpugh@verizon.net 

Ms. Pamra Ransom, Secretary                                      pransom@sbo.hampton.k12.va.us

Ms. Vera Silver, Treasurer                                               revlis547@aol.com 

Mr. William Harvey                                                             wharvey@cox.net

Ms. Nina Kenney                                                                n.v.kenney@cox.net

Ms. Shelly Jefferson                                                          sjefferson1966@gmail.com


City Staff

Ms. Kay Sumner                                                                  ksumner@nngov.com  


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