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Educational Programs

The Education Programs are designed to enhance children's educational experiences and meet the needs of academically, socioeconomically and culturally diverse learners.  Programs will raise student achievement through activities, on-site tours, speakers and various interactive projects. Programs will be related to lesson objectives and relevant to the students according to the Virginia Standards Of Learning.  The materials of the program can be used in all content areas to help children in reading, analysis and comprehension to support a strong educational future!

Please contact an Education Specialist at 757-247-2360 for additional programs, schedules and fees!

With A Fighting Spirit: the Life & Times of Joseph Newsome

Program Type: Outreach and/or Museum Field Trip
Capacity: 30 Students per Session at the Museum
Length: 50 Minutes
SOL: USII.3c, VS.8 b, VUS.8 c

Description: This presentation interprets the remarkable life of attorney J.T. Newsome (1869-1942), his historical contributions, accomplishments and significance to the community’s history. Born of slave parents, through hard work and determination, he became a distinguished attorney, churchman, editor, and civil rights pioneer and social equality for African Americans is set in the evolving context of race and segregation during the era of Jim Crow.

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Birth of a Boycott: Segregation and Jim Crow Laws

Program Type: Outreach and/or Museum Field Trip
Capacity: 30 Students per Session at the Museum
Length: 90 Minutes
SOL: VS.8B, USII.8a, VUS.13b

Description: During this program students will interact with a costumed interpreter who will recount the efforts of civil rights activists to improve social, educational, economic, and political conditions for African Americans. Students will be able to recognize how civil rights demonstrations and related activities led to desegregation of public accommodations, transportation, housing, and employment by studying the impact of segregation and Jim Crow laws in Virginia’s civil rights struggle. Also “Mighty Times: The Children’s March.” This time for this program is 30 minutes longer than normal educational programs to allow for the showing of the movie. The movie can be an optional feature to fit time constraints if necessary.

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Girl Scout Programming

Program Type: Outreach and/or Museum Field Trip
Capacity: 25 Students per Session including 1 free chaperon for every ten girls
Length: 60 - 90 Minutes
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The Newsome House Patch
All Levels of Girl Scouting

A specialized tour using a scavenger hunt format to answer questions about the house and the history of the Newsome family. $7 per scout (price includes The Newsome House patch to take home).

Women through Time
Girl Scout 11-17 Interest Project

A first person guided tour, focusing on the contributions and accomplishments of Mrs. Mary Newsome and other women representing the historical periods of reconstruction and civil rights. $5 per scout

Listening to the Past

A first person guided tour, focusing on the Newsomes' family life and the customs of an affluent African-American family in the 1920's - 1940's. $5 per scout

Local Lore

A guided tour, focusing on the rich history of the East End of Newport News, with a printed guide to local African-American geographical and architectural landmarks. $5 per scout


African American Cultural Outreach Box

Here’s an exciting, fun, educational way to bring African American history and culture to your class.

The African American Cultural Outreach Box contains a collection of movies (DVD and VHS format), books, textiles, magazines, audio CDs and other items, designed to enhance the instruction of African American history themes.

Many movies include teacher’s guides and suggested student activities. Some movie titles have been provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s, Teaching Tolerance program and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The movies touch on many themes i.e.: Civil Rights, Slavery, Reconstruction, and African American artists. American Legacy Magazine provided several back issues which contain articles about many facets of African American life and culture. Also included in the box are books about Mali, as well as African textiles. A notebook with information from the Library of Congress provides an overview of African American history from the Mid Atlantic Slave trade to the Civil Rights Movement. Information about African American inventors is included. The students will be able to listen to a CD and hear old Negro Spirituals and songs from the era of slavery. There are workbooks, and coloring pages, that may be duplicated for younger students.

All ages can benefit from the materials contained in this box of cultural and historic treasures. Many levels of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) are addressed with the contents of the box. An itemized listing of all items contained in the box is available by sending an email to: newsomehouse@nngov.com

The African American Cultural Outreach Box is available to be checked out for one week at no cost. Check out may be arranged by emailing newsomehouse@nngov.com;  or by calling 757-247-2360
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